Why Ukiah?

In a recent nationwide survey of more than 1,600 people, respondents shared some of the reasons they would consider leaving their hometown (or their home state) as opposed to what kept them there. This is interesting to me both as a real estate broker and as a community member. One of the hot topics was … Read more

Yet Another Form of Home Ownership

For those of you who read this column regularly, you may remember me reviewing several ways you can hold title (own property), each of them with different tax implications and several of them influencing how you could pass that property on to family members. As of January 2016, the California Legislature added a new type … Read more

Is Flood Insurance Worth It? How About Earthquake Insurance?

If you buy a home in a federally designated flood zone with a federally insured loan (and most loans fall into this category), you are required to purchase flood insurance. Sometimes, property that falls within a designated zone on a map isn’t all that likely to flood, yet the insurance is still required—with one exception: … Read more

Real Estate and the Affordable Care Act

Lots of things affect the housing market; one of them is demographics. In the Ukiah Valley, our population is aging and that drives up demand for smaller homes. Once children grow up and leave home, a house with multiple bedrooms is unnecessary and can be a lot to take care of. As people age, the … Read more