Opportunity Zones

Before I begin, please note I am not an attorney, nor am I an accountant, and the information currently available about the program I’m about to introduce is sketchy at best. Okay, with that disclaimer, let me tell you about something I recently discovered, something that sounds too good to be true, but from what … Read more

Support Vineyard Crossing!

I am an adamant supporter of housing in general, and more specifically, in the Vineyard Crossing project—a project that will add 123 new homes to the entry-level home buying public in our valley. Most of these buyers will vacate a rental to move into a home of their own. This means two things. First, families … Read more

What’s Hot?

Style trends come and go, so it can be pricey to continually chase the latest fads, but if you’re interested in selling your home, it’s smart to know what sells. Right now, here’s what’s hot. Statistics about performance are from the Home&Wealth newsletter. Barn Doors – but not on your barn. People are wild for … Read more

Planning to Buy or Sell Real Estate?

If you’re planning to buy or sell real estate, it’s best to get help from the pros. Like anything in life, you’re better at it when you’ve done it before. Most people (outside the real estate industry) don’t buy or sell houses too often. And let me tell you, there’s more to it that sticking … Read more

How About a Career in Real Estate?

So you’ve graduated. Now what?! If you’re a recent high school or college graduate with people skills and a strong work ethic and you’re looking for a career that offers flexibility and plenty of money, may I suggest becoming a real estate agent? While a liberal arts degree in sociology or political science may have … Read more

If-You-Give-a-Mouse-a-Cookie Renovations

There’s a wonderful children’s book series by Laura Numeroff, the first of which is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. It goes through the problems of giving a mouse a cookie: if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll probably want a glass of milk. If you give him milk, he’s likely to ask you … Read more

Solving the California Housing Shortage in Ukiah

City leaders are currently discussing ways to address the local impacts of our statewide housing shortage. This is a complex problem, so I don’t envy their task. What I can offer is a perspective, one based on more than 40 years in the real estate business. First, it’s important to gather accurate data. To that … Read more

Avoid These Expensive Mistakes on Home Furnishings and Maintenance

Owning a home can be costly in the best of times, so there’s no reason to waste money on expensive mistakes. Here are a few to avoid. Using Incandescent Light Bulbs – Replace traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. LEDs especially may be more expensive to purchase, but they’ll save … Read more

Finding the Best Interest Rate

I recently went online in an attempt to find the best interest rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate JUMBO real estate loan with 65 percent loan-to-value. I did not go to a comparison site, but a single lender’s site, where I entered my information and requested their lowest rate. I shared the information a lender would … Read more