How Affordable is Housing in Ukiah?

Anyone in the market to buy a house right now knows how competitive the market is. People are offering tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price and still getting outbid. The California Association of Realtors recently reported that the median price for single-family homes in the state is $720,500 and rising. The median … Read more

Maximizing Your Investment

Most people don’t buy real estate very often, so it can be hard to know when to buy or which loan makes the most sense. Lately, the housing market has been red hot, which means home prices are going up. This is great for sellers, but it makes buyers nervous. A young woman who is … Read more

Is It Time for a Pool? A Horse?

When the pandemic was in full swing, we didn’t have access to the entertainment we’re used to—no restaurant dining, no sports, no live theater, no concerts, no big gatherings of any kind. Neighborhood kids weren’t even allowed to throw together a game of street baseball. Obviously, this had many impacts, not least of which was … Read more

Preparing to Host a Wedding

When my son and future daughter-in-law asked to use my home as their wedding venue, I was thrilled. COVID has delayed a lot of celebrations and I, for one, am ready to celebrate again (safely outdoors with plenty of vaccinated guests, of course). As the planning began, I realized how similar preparing a home for … Read more

Looking for a Great Career? Consider Real Estate

The pandemic has caused a fair number of people to reconsider their career options, either out of necessity after a layoff or because the disruption of COVID-19 has given them a new perspective and their current job just isn’t doing it for them anymore. Although the published unemployment rates suggest there are not many jobs … Read more

What is a Kick-Out Clause and Do I Want One?

Before real estate can change hands, many details must come together so both buyers and sellers feel they are engaging in a fair exchange. Before buyers agree to hand over their hard-earned money or sellers give up their property, they want assurances that everything will be fair and square. One way to provide assurances is … Read more

Is Now the Time to Renovate?

The pandemic has put many people in the mood to renovate their homes. Between spending way more time at home and not being able to spend money on traditional entertainment such as travel, sports, shows, and fine dining, homeowners are wondering whether now is the time for that new pool, deck, kitchen remodel, or home-office … Read more

Being a Discriminating Seller

When someone says you have discriminating taste, it’s usually meant as a compliment. However, when it comes to being a landlord or selling your house, you should beware which types of discrimination show good taste and which types are against the law. It’s perfectly allowable to discriminate against a potential renter or buyer based on … Read more

Then and Now

As you might suspect, coming up with material for these columns every week can be challenging. This week, as I reviewed industry newsletters, emails from readers, and conversations with my Realtors, it got me thinking about how much has changed since I started in this business and that if I had to do it all … Read more