Why Selzer Realty?

Our real estate sales team sells far more properties.

Pie Chart showing Slezer Realty sales volume compared to three leading competitors. Selzer shows volume of 51% compared to competitor one at 22%, Competitor 2 at 18%, and Competitor 3 at 9%;

Leading the industry

When it comes to sales volume, we sell more than our top 3 competitors combined.
In 2017 in the Ukiah Valley, the dollar value of our Realtors’ transactions totaled $114,737,931 – about a third of all real estate transactions.
(Source: BAREIS MLS, Mendocino County, 2017)

  • Selzer Realty.
  • Competitor 1
  • Competitor 2
  • Competitor 3

Over $100 million sold per year

In 2017, we represented either the buyer or seller (or both) in 30 percent of all real estate transactions from Hopland to Laytonville.
Our closest competitor represented less than 20 percent.
(Percentage based on dollar volume. Source: BAREIS MLS, Mendocino County, 2017)

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