Not-So-Simple Questions

Many people want simple answers to their simple questions, but sometimes that is not possible. In real estate, as in so many things in life, seemingly simple questions can open the door to complex issues. Here are a few common questions regarding home buying that require a nuanced response. What’s the best amount for a … Read more

Finding the Best Interest Rate

The two biggest buyers of home loans just increased their fee on refinanced loans by a half of a percentage point, thereby reducing the price they’ll pay lenders for those loans. This will make home loans a bit more expensive for borrowers as lenders pass on that fee. This got me thinking, most folks don’t … Read more

When to Lock Your Rate

Interest rates can have a dramatic effect on the cost of real property over time. To guard against rate changes during the escrow process, buyers sometimes opt for a rate-lock. That is, when a property is in escrow and interest rates are favorable, a buyer can pay a fee (called points) or pay with a … Read more

Interest Rates and the New Dodd-Frank and Federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Regulations

Most people in real estate don’t expect interest rates to stay down much longer. As unemployment drops and the economic recovery gains momentum and therefore demand for business borrowing, the pressure to raise interest rates increases. In addition the federal government has spent $17,000,000,000,000 more than they had. They therefore borrowed the money. This results … Read more