What To Do About Skyrocketing Insurance Premiums

For the last several years, rates for homeowner’s insurance for single family homes have skyrocketed. A few years back, a friend of mine paid about $1400 per year for insurance. Today, he pays about $28,000 per year—that’s a 20-fold increase. It’s enough to make you ask, “Do I really need this insurance?” The cost of … Read more

Read Your Homeowners Insurance Policy So You’re Not Left Out in the Cold

Last week, I shared information about some of the important coverage homeowners insurance provides, from structural damage to personal property replacement to liability insurance. I also mentioned why it is critical to read your policy’s fine print: so you understand what’s covered and what isn’t. Most of us don’t think a disaster will befall us, … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Using a Property Management Company

Hey, I had the opportunity to give away another one of my Schat’s Bakery gift cards with this column, since it was in response to a question from a reader. The reader asked, “What are the costs and benefits of hiring a property management company to deal with my rental property, and what’s typically required … Read more

Prepare for the Unexpected – Homeowner’s Insurance

Sometimes life goes in a direction you don’t expect—either positive or negative. So this week, I thought I’d write about one way to prepare for surprises of the unpleasant variety. (Most of us can handle the happy surprises without too much preparation.) Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, I strongly recommend investing in homeowner’s or … Read more

Keeping Your Home in Good Shape

So, you did it! You bought a home. Now, it’s time to take care of your investment. The good thing about home ownership is that the money you put into your home builds equity (value). The bummer is that you need to spend the money, and saving for a new water heater is really boring … Read more