With Recent Outages, Are You Thinking About Solar?

You may be wondering whether having a solar energy system would be nice. The answer depends on far more variables than most people realize, so many, in fact, that a solar energy disclosure form has just been developed. The form requires home sellers to share information about the condition and financing of their solar system, … Read more

A Doable New Year’s Resolution: Maximizing Your Credit Score

Now that we’re a few weeks into 2023 and your new year’s resolutions are already starting to seem like more trouble than they’re worth, may I suggest a pivot to a different resolution? Make this the year you maximize your credit score. It’s not difficult and it can have big payoffs. If you plan to … Read more

Buying Existing Loans

  Last week, I shared information about hard-money loans, which are loans that often work when conventional loans won’t. This week, I’ll talk about buying and selling notes secured by real estate, a close cousin to real estate-backed, hard-money loans. If you sold a property and carried the financing, you are now the proud owner … Read more