Home Selling Myths – DeBunked Part II

Last week I debunked the first four myths related to selling your home. Here’s four more myths people often believe, but shouldn’t. Myth #5: I have to carry the financing. Seller financing occurs when you, the seller, take the position of the bank. While in many cases it’s appropriate, depending on the circumstances, if bank … Read more

Home Buying Myths — DeBunked

Most of us will only buy a home a few times in our lives, so it’s hard to know fact from fiction when it comes to making good decisions. Here are some common myths debunked. Myth #1: When buying a home, the first thing to do is look for a house. Nope! The first thing … Read more

20 Questions – Don’t Make Your Realtor Guess What You Want

  Did you ever play the game 20 Questions as a kid? If you could identify what your opponent was thinking within 20 questions, you won; otherwise your opponent won. Well, in real estate sometimes Realtors feel like they are playing 20 Questions with their clients. They really want to meet or exceed their clients’ … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Setting Up a Home Office

If you’re thinking of setting up a home office, it’s important to do it right. If you don’t, it can cost you money and decrease your productivity rather than enhance it. Here are some tips to get you started. Select the right spot: Make sure it is well lit and has enough room for furniture, your … Read more

Avoid Scams

Most of us think we won’t be duped by a scammer, but these people are good at what they do and desperation sometimes causes us to bypass our common sense. With the rental market in Ukiah as tight as it is, people are frantic to find a place to live, which can cause them to … Read more

Keeping Your Home Safe and Healthy

Most of us vacuum our carpets and dust our shelves fairly regularly to make sure our home is a comfortable place to live. We also take care of obvious safety hazards like poorly functioning appliances or broken plumbing. But sometimes, dangers are invisible. They lurk in mattresses, walls or in the air. Here are some … Read more

Making Sure You Record the Reconveyance

In California we have deeds of trust rather than mortgages, and when we get real estate loans, our lenders are typically the trustees who receive a deed of trust with the power of sale (since they put up the money to purchase the property). If all goes as it should, when you finish paying off … Read more

Ukiah’s Becoming More Business-Friendly

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the City of Ukiah and County of Mendocino have been actively promoting economic development lately. Whether these efforts are driven by the desire to make Ukiah a better place to live—with more jobs and more places to shop and dine—or simply a way to increase sales and property … Read more

Avoid Pest and Fungus Problems – Part I

When properties go on the market, one of the most common inspections is the pest and fungus inspection. Most buildings, even new ones, have some reportable problems. Here’s why: pest and fungus reports include two types of findings—problems and potential problems. Section 1 includes evidence of pests and/or fungus including mold, dry rot, termites, carpenter … Read more