Appealing Your Property Tax Bill

  When you purchase a property, the Mendocino County Assessor’s Office determines the property’s assessed (or market) value for the purpose of establishing future property taxes. The initial assessment is critical because it establishes the basis for all future payments. Property taxes are calculated on the base year (first year) and cannot increase by more … Read more

How to Value a Business When Buying or Selling It

Did you know that many real estate companies offer assistance with more than buying and selling property? They also help people buy or sell businesses. Before a transaction can take place, however, a value for the business must be established. The first step in valuing a business is quantifying the value of its assets, including … Read more

Appraisals 101

It’s a seller’s market, but whether you’re talking about a sales transaction or a lease situation, it’s important to know the value of your property, and which home improvements will pay off. Here are some of the factors that affect a property’s value the most. Size. Square footage is the single biggest factor in determining … Read more