Ukiah Will Finally Get Its Costco

I’ve been promising my children we’d do our Christmas shopping at Costco in Ukiah since about 2013, so when I tell them Costco plans to open in April, I can hardly blame them if they don’t rush to put it on their calendars. However, this time, it’s the real deal. Escrow is scheduled to close … Read more

What’s up with Costco Coming to Town?

Many people around town are curious about when Costco might finally receive approval to build so it can open a store in Ukiah. Regardless of whether you’re a supporter or detractor, it looks like Costco has overcome a few of the major hurdles delaying its arrival. In the spirit of full disclosure, Realty World Selzer … Read more

COSTCO: Blessing or a Curse?

COSTCO is coming! Before I get going, I want to disclose that Realty World Selzer Realty is the listing agent for the property COSTCO will build on. That doesn’t change what I’m about to write, but it’s always important to be up front. Will COSTCO mean boom or bust for Ukiah? When you ask someone … Read more