Title Insurance is a Worthy Investment – Part II

Last week, I shared some information about why title insurance is so valuable. This week, I’ll share a few more compelling reasons to get the best title insurance you can afford. As a reminder, title insurance isn’t like other insurance. Instead of paying ongoing premiums for protection against some problem in the future, for a … Read more

Title Insurance is a Worthy Investment – Part I

When Realtors explain the importance of title insurance to prospective homebuyers, many homebuyers understandably assume that title insurance is like other insurance—a policy for which they pay ongoing premiums that will protect them in some way against problems that could occur in the future. However, title insurance does the opposite. For a one-time fee, title … Read more

What Is Title Insurance and Why Does It Matter?

If you don’t spend much of your time buying and selling homes, you probably don’t have a clear sense of what title insurance is or why it’s important. Like many types of insurance, it’s not important–unless it is, and then it’s crucial. People can have unrecorded or unofficial rights to your property, so it’s important … Read more

Getting Through Escrow

With so little inventory available, the market is shifting to a seller’s market, even with rates at record lows. So, if you’re a buyer fortunate enough to have signed a purchase contract and gone into escrow, here’s what you need to know to complete the process. First, let’s define “escrow.” Escrow is a neutral place … Read more