Making the Most Out of Open Houses

When you’re trying to sell your home, you want to engage in all the activities that encourage buyers and none of the activities that don’t. Common sense, right? Then why do I see so many sellers sabotaging the sale of their property when it comes to open houses? Realtors have many marketing techniques to get … Read more

You Can’t Disclose Too Much. Really.

When you sell a house, you are legally obligated to disclose anything that would negatively affect the value of the property or a buyer’s interest in owning it. So, if you’re selling your home, you probably have quite a list to compile. In Mendocino County, real estate agents typically use an 11-page document that covers … Read more

What to Expect from a Real Estate Agent

For those of you who may not have noticed, the real estate market has changed recently. Prices are up, inventory is down, and buyers outnumber sellers. This makes it a seller’s market. Buyers are in the market because rates are still at historic lows (and have only one way to go in the future). Prices … Read more

Short Sales and SEOs

You may have heard about people being “upside down” on their mortgage. When people owe more than the value of their home it can lead to a short sale. If they cannot afford their mortgage payments anymore, it can lead to an REO (Real Estate Owned) sale. A short sale occurs when a home is … Read more

How to Buy a House

I’ve talked about why renters should consider becoming homeowners. The market is still a buyer’s market, for the most part, so this week I’ll share some information on how to buy a house. The most important way to prepare is to get your finances in order. This means getting a credit report, collecting financial documents … Read more