How to Pick the Right Realtor When Selling Your Property

In the Ukiah Valley, we have a lot of Realtors to choose from, so how do you pick the one that’s right for you? Here are some factors to consider. Personality Match In the best of times, it’s nice to have a Realtor you trust and enjoy working with. In the worst of times, having … Read more

Local Housing Market May Send People Out of State

During the pandemic, people stayed at home and became more aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of their living space. At the same time, many companies realized they could get as much (or more) productivity from their employees via remote work. Now, as we settle into a post-pandemic normal, the high cost of California … Read more

Can I Get Rid of an Easement?

Simply put, an easement is a right to use someone else’s property. As a property owner, you might grant an easement to allow neighbors to cross your property to get to theirs or to gain access to water lines, wells, or utilities. Many easements were set up decades ago and are no longer useful or … Read more

Do I Need a Home Inspection and a Pest & Fungus Inspection?

I’ve had people ask why they need a home inspector and a pest and fungus inspector. Can’t the home inspector just do both reports? In response, I ask: if you went to the optometrist to get your eyes checked, would you expect him to diagnose the bunion on your big toe? No, you wouldn’t. Same … Read more

Promoting Your Property

I was recently talking with Colton Thompson, an entrepreneur who started as a Realtor, then used his real estate knowledge to fuel his successful photography business. Colton is an expert in real estate photography, and not just traditional photos but also drone photography and virtual 3D modeling.  The technology he employs allows him to take … Read more

Reducing the Risk of Fire Requires Hard Choices

Since fire season is now an annual event, we need to look at neighborhoods differently. How are people reducing risk? Are there exits that will allow people to flee quickly enough in the event of an ever-more-likely wildfire? Since I live in the Ukiah Valley’s eastern hills, I am particularly interested in this area. I … Read more

Hardening Your Home Against Wildfire

Spring rains help us reduce the drought—which is good. But they also make it possible for lots of vegetation to grow—which can become fuel for wildfires. Have you hardened your home against wildfire? In the face of a raging fire, there’s nothing any of us can do but evacuate; however, by following the California Fire … Read more

How to Avoid Messing Up Your Credit Score

Almost everyone who buys a house needs a home loan. If you’re in the market for a new home and you want to show lenders you’re a safe bet, what should you do? Some answers are obvious. Others, not so much. Basically, lenders want to know how much money you have, how much money you’ll … Read more

Yet Another Poorly Conceived Proposed Bill

If you own a residential rental property, be sure to review Assembly Bill 2710. This proposed bill is a prime example of the government stepping in to “fix” the free market, but causing more harm than good in the process. At Selzer Property Management, we manage several hundred residential units, so we’re in touch with … Read more