Energy Alternatives in a PSPS World

I have been contemplating how people can make their homes more marketable in a world where PG&E Planned Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are now the norm. In the coming years, homes with backup sources of electricity may be more popular than those without. Before we get to those backup options, I’d like to take a … Read more

Prepare for Days-Long Interruptions in Electricity

Many of us can hardly imagine going a full week without electricity, but that is precisely what Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is telling us to prepare for. In the wake of devastating wildfire seasons, PG&E has warned local residents that if weather conditions meet certain criteria, PG&E will shut off power to the electrical … Read more

Would You Like To Be Paid To Save Money? Consider Energy Rebates

I’ll start by saying I’m not generally in favor of government rebates or subsidies. If investing in something does not make sense without a rebate, then the rebate will result in an inefficient allocation of resources at the expense of either the taxpayer or other rate payers. However, right now the City of Ukiah is … Read more