Want to Sell Quickly? Boost Curb Appeal and More

This is a great time to sell your house. The weather is beautiful and everything is blooming. However, no amount of sunshine and flowers can overcome crummy curb appeal. While there are a lot of things you can do to make your property more appealing, none of those things matter if prospective buyers never make … Read more

Understanding the Capital Gains Tax Exemption During a Home Sale

People sometimes get confused about how the capital gains tax exemption applies when it comes to selling a home. It’s worth understanding because it can have a huge impact on your proceeds. Capital gains tax is the tax on profits realized when you sell an asset such as stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, and … Read more

How to get the most from your Realtor – part II

Last week, I wrote about what to expect from the Realtor who lists your house for sale. In short, a listing agent’s job is to get you the highest price in the shortest time with the least inconvenience. To do so, it’s important to come to some agreements up front—who is responsible for what, how … Read more

How to get the most from your Realtor – part I

Selling your house often means selling the most valuable possession you’ve ever owned. Having a good Realtor to guide you through the process can reduce your stress and increase your financial return, not to mention assuring that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations. In short, a listing agent’s job is to get you … Read more

Why Now is a Good Time to Sell

If the housing market were a grocery store, the shelves would be sparsely stocked. In many ways, this is an opportunity for sellers to get top dollar for their property. A huge part of why housing inventory is so low is because prospective sellers worry that the current interest rates will keep buyers from paying … Read more

What To Do About Skyrocketing Insurance Premiums

For the last several years, rates for homeowner’s insurance for single family homes have skyrocketed. A few years back, a friend of mine paid about $1400 per year for insurance. Today, he pays about $28,000 per year—that’s a 20-fold increase. It’s enough to make you ask, “Do I really need this insurance?” The cost of … Read more

Questions to Ask When Buying a Home – Part 2

Last week, I shared some important questions that people who are in the market to buy a home should ask so they can make the best decisions possible. If you’re like most people, buying a home will be the largest purchase you’ll ever make, so I recommend finding out everything you can. In addition to … Read more

Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

If you want to buy a home, prepare to ask a lot of questions. This is not a time to be shy or to hold back because you think someone might be offended by a question. If you’re like most people, this real estate purchase will be the largest purchase of your life, so I … Read more

Get It In Writing

Recently, I received a letter from a woman who wanted to share her experience as a cautionary tale for trusting souls who may inadvertently lose their homes to unscrupulous family members. She and her sweetheart (they aren’t married) are in a legal mess because her partner made a verbal contract with his son, and according … Read more