The Pros and Cons of Using a Property Management Company

Hey, I had the opportunity to give away another one of my Schat’s Bakery gift cards with this column, since it was in response to a question from a reader. The reader asked, “What are the costs and benefits of hiring a property management company to deal with my rental property, and what’s typically required … Read more

Real Estate Investing – Part II

Last week I shared information about investing in real estate, specifically purchasing a single-family home for use as a rental. This week, I’ll share why duplexes and four-plexes can be even better investments, if you have the funds. I’ll use a four-plex as my example. In Ukiah, you can purchase one for about $450,000 and … Read more

Being a Good Landlord

Owning a home isn’t right for everyone, which is why many people invest in rental properties. This week I’m sharing my thoughts on how to prepare a home to be rented, and what it means to be a good landlord. To prepare a home for rent, consider these six suggestions: Really clean your house. As … Read more