Buying a Home? The Timing on Inspections Matters

I’ve talked about home inspections many times, but I don’t usually talk about the impact of timing. If you’re buying a home, it’s important to know which inspections to get and when to do a final investigation of the property’s condition. You’ll want to make sure that all the agreed-upon work has been done to … Read more

Not-So-Simple Questions

Many people want simple answers to their simple questions, but sometimes that is not possible. In real estate, as in so many things in life, seemingly simple questions can open the door to complex issues. Here are a few common questions regarding home buying that require a nuanced response. What’s the best amount for a … Read more

Preparing Your Home for Inspections

When selling residential real estate, there’s no escaping all sorts of inspections—home inspections, pest and fungus, septic, well, soil, roof, and more. Streamlining this process not only speeds up the sale, it can be the difference between a sale that closes and one the falls apart. When you get inspections up front, you get two … Read more

Intermittent Inspections

Like scheduling preventive maintenance on your car or going in for an annual physical for your health, it’s hard to get ourselves to spend money on home inspections unless something’s wrong. The only time most of us get home inspections is when we’re trying to sell our property and the inspections are required as part … Read more

Home Selling Myths – DeBunked Part I

  Most of us don’t buy and sell homes very often, so when we hear a myth that sounds plausible, we believe it. Last week I shared home buying myths and debunked them. This week, I thought I’d jump to the seller’s side and debunk common myths people have about how best to sell their … Read more

Why Getting Permits Up Front Saves Time, Money, and Headaches

If you plan to undertake major repairs or structural improvements to your home, you will undoubtedly need a permit to do so legally. Whether you live within the Ukiah city limits or in the unincorporated part of Mendocino County, there’s a planning and building department for you! When do you need a permit? Any time … Read more

Home Inspections – Getting Up Close and Personal

Last week I talked about pest and fungus reports. This week, I’m sharing information about home inspections—what they cover and why they’re important. To find a home inspector you’ll be happy with, check references, read contracts, look at sample reports, and most of all ask your realtor for a recommendation. Once you’ve found a good … Read more

Pest & Fungus Inspections – More Than Just Termites

After reading last week’s article, if you’re brave enough to buy in winter let me tell you about one of the most vitally important inspections you’ll need to get: a pest and fungus inspection. This is sometimes referred to as the Termite Report, but it is so much more. Of course, a good inspector will … Read more

You Can’t Disclose Too Much. Really.

When you sell a house, you are legally obligated to disclose anything that would negatively affect the value of the property or a buyer’s interest in owning it. So, if you’re selling your home, you probably have quite a list to compile. In Mendocino County, real estate agents typically use an 11-page document that covers … Read more