What Can Delay an Escrow?

An escrow process is the process you go through when a property changes owners, so whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you generally don’t want to delay it. These days most escrows take about 45 days; a few can be quicker and some can be much, much longer. To keep things moving it’s best … Read more

Building Your Own Home – Get the Skinny Up Front

Purchasing a to-be-built home is completely different from buying an existing home. When building your own home, whether it’s customizing a spec home or creating a custom home from scratch, you can avoid expensive misunderstandings by asking your contractor some key questions up front. Building a custom home on land you’ve purchased is a big … Read more

What Exactly is an Escrow and What Should I Know About It?

If you don’t buy a lot of property and you are not in the real estate business, chances are you don’t know much about the escrow process—which is fine unless you’re buying a house. Escrow is the neutral place where legal documents pertaining to property ownership and money to pay for that property remain safe … Read more

Getting Through Escrow

With so little inventory available, the market is shifting to a seller’s market, even with rates at record lows. So, if you’re a buyer fortunate enough to have signed a purchase contract and gone into escrow, here’s what you need to know to complete the process. First, let’s define “escrow.” Escrow is a neutral place … Read more

Qualifying for a Loan

  The market continues to be good for buyers. Home prices are low (but starting to climb), and rates remain incredibly low compared to historic norms. While there’s not a lot on the market, spring and summer are traditionally times when more inventory becomes available, so we may see an upswing in houses listed for … Read more