Divorce and Real Estate

When a marriage ends, one of the most contentious issues can be dividing up the assets—figuring out who gets what. If the spouses own real estate together, this is likely to be among the most valuable assets. Although it can be hard to make rational decisions in an emotionally charged situation, it’s worth the effort. … Read more

Before You Sell, Talk to Your Accountant

There are many compelling reasons to sell your house or other real estate you may own. Maybe you want to move closer to grandkids. Maybe you want to move further away from grandkids. Maybe you need to sell an investment property, so you can put your grandkids through college. Regardless of your motivation, here are … Read more

How are 1031 Exchanges like musical chairs?

If you’re interested in investing, 1031 Exchanges are a wonderful, legal way to defer tax liability almost indefinitely. Sound good? Read on. As always, when I write about investing or tax implications of owning real estate, I am simply sharing my opinion. If you are thinking of investing or have questions about taxes with regard … Read more