Keeping Your Home Safe and Healthy

Most of us vacuum our carpets and dust our shelves fairly regularly to make sure our home is a comfortable place to live. We also take care of obvious safety hazards like poorly functioning appliances or broken plumbing. But sometimes, dangers are invisible. They lurk in mattresses, walls or in the air. Here are some … Read more

Buyers Aren’t Liars

There’s a phrase every Realtor has heard and many believe: buyers are liars. Realtors representing buyers sometimes feel misled when buyers change their minds or reveal information later that would have been helpful earlier. As a buyer, it is unlikely that you hire a Realtor with the idea, “Hey, I’m going to lie to this … Read more

It’s a Buyer’s and a Seller’s Market

Right now it’s a buyer’s and a seller’s market. How can it be both? It’s these low interest rates. Low rates allow more people to qualify for loans, bringing renters into the home-buying market. Low rates also make it easier for homeowners who want to upgrade to afford more expensive homes. On a typical $300,000 … Read more

What Is Seller Financing And What Should I Watch For?

When a buyer wants to purchase a property but doesn’t want to pay the whole price in cash, and the seller wants to sell the property but doesn’t need the whole amount in cash, an opportunity exists for both to get what they want through seller financing. The buyer can acquire a property that may … Read more

Making the Most Out of Open Houses

When you’re trying to sell your home, you want to engage in all the activities that encourage buyers and none of the activities that don’t. Common sense, right? Then why do I see so many sellers sabotaging the sale of their property when it comes to open houses? Realtors have many marketing techniques to get … Read more

Pets: We Can’t Live Without Them, But Our Buyers Can

Most of us wouldn’t trade our pets for anything, but when it comes to selling your home, why limit your audience to pet lovers? I would never suggest trying to hide the fact that you have pets, but I would recommend you follow a few tips on minimizing the negative effects pets can have on … Read more

You Can’t Disclose Too Much. Really.

When you sell a house, you are legally obligated to disclose anything that would negatively affect the value of the property or a buyer’s interest in owning it. So, if you’re selling your home, you probably have quite a list to compile. In Mendocino County, real estate agents typically use an 11-page document that covers … Read more

What is this “MLS” everyone’s talking about?

I’ve referred to the MLS in previous blogs, but I don’t know that I’ve explained what it is and why it’s so valuable, so here you go. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service, and it is a system whereby real estate agents in a specific geographic area share information about all the properties for sale … Read more

What to Expect from a Real Estate Agent

For those of you who may not have noticed, the real estate market has changed recently. Prices are up, inventory is down, and buyers outnumber sellers. This makes it a seller’s market. Buyers are in the market because rates are still at historic lows (and have only one way to go in the future). Prices … Read more