Here are some trends worth following.

What’s Hot?

Style trends come and go, so it can be pricey to continually chase the latest fads, but if you’re interested in selling your home, it’s smart to know what sells. Right now, here’s what’s hot. Statistics about performance are from the Home&Wealth newsletter.

Barn Doors – but not on your barn. People are wild for barn doors to separate indoor living spaces. They affix a metal rod above a doorway and slide the interior barn door like a curtain between rooms. Listings with barn doors sold for 13.4 percent above expected values, 57 days faster than expected.

Shaker Cabinets – simple, well-made, minimalist cabinets. No curly cues or intricate engraving. Listings with shaker cabinets sold for 9.6 percent above expected values, 45 days faster than expected.

Farmhouse Sink – big, deep rectangular sinks like you see in old farmhouses. Usually, they’re porcelain, but you can find them in stainless steel. Listings sold for 7.9 percent above expected values, 58 days faster than expected.

Subway Tile – rectangular tile (about twice as wide as they are tall), often white. Listings sold for 6.9 percent above expected values, 63 days faster than expected.

Quartz – countertop materials come in and out of fashion faster than teenage slang. Right now, quartz is hot and it’s beautiful,. Listings with these countertops sold for 6 percent above expected values, 50 days faster than expected.

Craftsman – unlike countertops fads, Craftsman style homes and décor have stood the test of time. They are perennially popular. Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a fan and built many such homes. Listings sold for 5.4 percent above expected values, 14 days faster than expected.

Exposed Brick – this only works if you have the brick to expose, typically in older homes. If you go into local restaurants Patrona or Saucy, they’ve used this style to great effect. Listings sold for 4.9 percent above expected values, 36 days faster than expected.

Pendant Light – these hang down on a wire or cord and have an exposed bulb under a small shade, often made of glass. They can be modern or traditional, depending on the shade, and they’ve been popular for a while. Schat’s Courthouse Bakery has them above their baked goods counter. Listings sold for 4.6 percent above expected values, 48 days faster than expected.

Frameless Shower – these have glass with beveled edges rather than encased in metal. Listings sold for 4.6 percent above expected values, 38 days faster than expected.

Heated Floors – instead of stepping on to cold bathroom tile with bare feet in the middle of winter, heated floors keep things nice and toasty. Listings sold for 4.3 percent above expected values, 28 days faster than expected.

Stainless Steel – stainless steel appliances have been popular for at least the last decade. I worry they’ll go the way of the avocado refrigerators from the 1970s, but for now, they remain very stylish. Listings sold for 4.2 percent above expected values, 42 days faster than expected.

Granite – like I said for quartz, countertop preferences come and go. Granite is beautiful, but not always easy to maintain. Listings sold for 4.1 percent above expected values, 38 days faster than expected.

Backsplash – the tile or countertop lip that protects the wall from kitchen messes. It’s especially nice to have behind the kitchen sink and stove. Listings sold for 4.1 percent above expected values, 46 days faster than expected.

Tankless Water Heater – I am a big fan of having instant hot water, and if not for my son, Dan, who actually has fallen asleep in the shower, my tankless water heater would save me money. Listings sold for 4 percent above expected values, 43 days faster than expected.

Outdoor Kitchen – especially in areas with temperate weather like ours, outdoor kitchens almost seem to expand the square footage of the house. Listings sold for 3.7 percent above expected values, 19 days faster than expected.

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