Closing – Signing the Contract is Only the Beginning

When you’re selling your house, it’s thrilling when the right buyer says, “I’ll take it!” and the two of you sign a purchase agreement with the agreed-upon price and all the details sorted out. Although this feels like the end of the road, it’s actually only the beginning of the end—and things can get a … Read more

Selling Your First Home

When you make a house your home, it becomes something special, so when it’s time to sell, you want the new owners to love it like you did—and to demonstrate their love by paying as much as possible. Good salespeople know that most people make decisions based on emotions rather than logic. When people are … Read more

Staging Your Home

When I sold my last home, I hired a staging company to arrange furniture and furnishings to show off my home’s best features. I had moved out, so the company brought in furniture and made the place look great. Some estimates say sellers receive an average of $2 in increased sale price for every $1 … Read more