Screening Tenants

When it comes to renting your property to a new tenant, it is worth investing the time to screen the tenant thoroughly, because the process of evicting the wrong tenant is no fun. Trust But Verify In low-stakes situations, it’s fine to assume the best of people; however, when it comes to renting your property … Read more

Landlord-Tenant Relationships Now and After the Pandemic

COVID-19 will eventually fade from the daily news. I don’t know if it will ever go away completely, but once there’s a vaccine, it won’t be on our minds the way it is now. Some effects, however, will stick around, including our awareness about how viruses spread—and that will likely alter expectations between landlords and … Read more

Bizarre Rental Rules

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through information online, I find an entertaining and informative blog that pertains to my line of work. This happened recently when I found a blog titled, “Odd, Bizarre, and Restrictive Rental Rules” by the Tenant Screening Center ( They rightly point out that one of the toughest things about being a … Read more

No Evictions?

On March 16, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Executive Order N-28-20 with much fanfare, paying homage to COVID-19 and declaring an emergency in California and worldwide. His order recommended that local jurisdictions follow the state’s lead and do two things: Enact a moratorium on tenant evictions for commercial and residential properties if tenants can prove financial … Read more

Why Aren’t There Any Rentals in Ukiah?

Lately Ukiahans have been complaining about the lack of available rental housing in the area. Here’s a little perspective on why it’s tough to find a rental, and whether things are likely to change in the near future. If we look at our recent past, it all started with the housing recession in 2008. While … Read more