Do What You Can, Then Hope for the Best When Moving Part II

Last week, I reviewed a few tips about how to minimize potential problems that come along with moving. I recommended ways to carefully manage the packing process; I provided information on choosing a reputable moving company, and I shared advice from Rob McAsey at Mark Davis Insurance about reviewing your homeowner’s policy to be sure … Read more

Do What You Can, Then Hope for the Best When Moving

You’ve sold your house and you need to be out by 5:00 pm today, but the movers don’t show up as promised. You call to inquire why and they let you know they’re running a couple days behind. You call your Realtor to see if the buyers can wait a couple days, but find out … Read more

Moving Made Easy

While the idea of living in a new home can be exciting, the process of moving there is not. Here are a few ways to ease the process and save a little money. First, decide whether to hire movers. You can hire movers who simply take the boxes, furniture, and appliances to your new location, … Read more