New Market, New Loans

For at least the last five years, interest rates have been at historical lows. Coupled with a housing shortage, these low rates have contributed to an increase in the demand for housing, and this increase in demand has led to an increase in housing prices. Well, things are changing. Rates are rising and so is … Read more

How to Make Sure Your Offer Gets Chosen Above the Rest

When property owners put their house on the market, they want to sell at the highest price in the shortest time period with the least inconvenience. Rather than chasing the promise of a few more dollars, many sellers will go for the sure thing. As long as offers are fairly close on price, sellers often … Read more

All Kinds of Loans – Part IV

This is the fourth and final column in a series describing the various types of real estate loans. While you must have some way to repay the loan, you really do have a huge variety of options when it comes to buying real estate. CalVet – These are intended for active service members or military … Read more

All Kinds of Loans – Part II

Last week, I began describing the many types of real estate loans available for residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property. Thinking about buying property? There’s a loan for just about every situation—some for expensive properties, some for fixer-uppers, some for farmers, some for businesspeople, some for short terms, some for long terms. You name it, … Read more

All Kinds of Loans – Part I

Since most of us don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to purchase real estate, we need a loan. The good news is that there are plenty of types of loans to choose from. Whether you’re interested in residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property, individuals and institutions are ready to fund your investment—as … Read more

What’s a Hard-Money Loan, and Do I Want One?

Most of us don’t have several hundred thousand dollars in cash lying around, so when we want to purchase real estate (or invest in a business or embark on other expensive endeavors), we need a loan. Conventional bank loans require borrowers to follow strict guidelines regarding proof of income and creditworthiness. This works well for … Read more